Year One Events

Year One Outreach Events

The PSU AVT prides itself on heavily involving students and community members on EcoCAR 2 progress. Student engineers and outreach volunteers are all individually responsible for helping plan and attending one or more events throughout each year of the competition. Here are the summaries of the events PSU AVT members have coordinated so far in Year One!

 September 22nd, 2011  Chevy Volt donated to PSU  see report
 October 4th, 2011  American Society of Mechanical  Engineers General Meeting  see report
 October 14th, 2011  EcoCAR drives in Penn State Homecoming Parade  see report
 October 26th, 2011  Presentation at Engineering and Science Major night  see report
 November 3rd, 2011  Recruitment event for software developers  see report
 November 8th, 2011  General volunteer recruitment event on campus  see report
 November 13th, 2011  PSU AVT has booth at TEDxPSU  see report
 November 13th, 2011  EcoCAR set up outside of Eventapalooza at Penn State  see report
 November 15th, 2011  Energy surveys distributed to students in Hetzel Union Building  see report
 November 16th, 2011  Recruitment slides for campus TVs approved by administration  see report
 November 16th, 2011  Recruitment presentation and outreach to fraternity members  see report
 November 17th, 2011  Energy surveys distributed to students in engineering lounge  see report
 January 9th, 2012  Spring kickoff recruiting event  see report