EcoCAR strives to connect with friends, neighbors and communities to shine a positive light about improving the environment one person at a time. Outreach events are the key to teaching communities about EcoCAR and its ideals and maintaining friendly relationships across neighborhoods, communities, cities and states.

Outreach events gives the Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team a chance to teach both students and communities about hybrid vehicles, biofuels and sustainable energy.

Thus far, EcoCAR has participated in numerous outreach events. These include educational events, community events, student events and tailgates with fellow EcoCAR teams that are also competing in the three-year competition.

Although these concepts are now very familiar to the EcoCAR team, they are new to many communities. But by spreading this eco-friendly knowledge and information, EcoCAR is helping to create a safer and cleaner environment for this earth that all people share.

The EcoCAR team wants to continue spreading messages about hybrid vehicles, biofuels and sustainable energy. If you are a community member or student and would like the Penn State team to hold an outreach event, please email our Outreach Coordinator.