Related Courses

The following courses revolve around the EcoCAR 2 competition and the design of AVT vehicles:

ME 442W: These courses can count as Senior Design Credits and are the backbone of the Penn State AVT student team (Full year).

ME 097S: Freshman Seminar HEVs: This Seminar class introduces freshmen to the PSU AVT team. Students in this class work together with the ME 497 students in project groups (Spring Semester only).

Other Relevant Courses:

EE 316 Embedded Controllers
EE 413 Power Electronics
EE 487 Electric Machines and Drives
EE 584 Robust Control
EE 597D Micromechatronics
EGEE 441 Electrochemical Energy Conversion
EMch/ME/MatSE 597K In Vehicle High-Power Energy Storage
ME 402 Fuel Cell Engines
ME 431 Combustion Engines
ME 445 Micocromputer Interface
ME 455 Automatic Control Systems (Undergraduate)
ME 555 Automatic Control Systems (Graduate)
ME 558 Robust Control
ME 597D Advanced Machtronics
ME 597F Advanced Vehicle Hardware-in-the-Loop Methods
ME 597G Electrochemical Engines with Lab