What is EcoCAR 2 all about?

Our mission is to influence the next generation of automobile users by introducing them to efficient, economical, and environmental technologies that may power their future cars so that they will become more self-conscience of their energy usage in the future.


About Our Program:

The Penn State Advanced Vehicle team often extends its hands to Centre County and the surrounding communities to teach about exciting new technologies available in the automotive industry. The events that they hold range from small classroom presentations to displays allowing interaction with thousands of people.

At Penn State, our outreach team is focused on educating the general public and K-12 students. Our goals for both group include:

  1. To increase public awareness of the EcoCAR 2 competition and Penn State AVT team.
  2. To have our target audience view new eco-friendly and sustainable technologies as viable alternatives to traditional technologies, with the EcoCAR competition as a resource for education in the field of sustainable mechanical engineering.
  3. To have the Penn State community visibly aware of the Penn State AVT team and EcoCAR 2: Plugging In To the Future.
  4. To increase the amount of students and community members who pledge to go green.
  5. To challenge students in K-12 to maintain an environmental and sustainable life.
  6. To challenge students in K-12 to become involved in engineering, math, and science within their school and community.

Most events are designed to be inviting to all demographics and provide information that everyone can understand. For those seeking more information though, the team always has a handful of trained experts ready to answer questions and go into detail on the more complicated subjects.

Know Something We Don’t?

If you know of any events that you would like to share with us or would like to talk to us about organizing an event we would love to hear from you. Also if you saw us at an event and have any feedback or comments we’d love to hear them as well, please email us at outreach@hev.psu.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!